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Registration for our 7th reunion is now open. The first 100 classmates to sign up will receive a free tank top, and you can sign up here:

DC Happy Hour – Nov. 20, 2013

Dear DC-area young (enough) alumni:
In conjunction with President Chris Eisgruber’s Town Hall event at the Mayflower Hotel on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, the Class of 2007 cordially invites the classes of ’06, ’07, and ’08 to an after-party to catch up with familiar faces and meet new ones. Other alumni and guests are welcome.
We will be gathering at Mari Vanna, a block north of the Mayflower, after the Town Hall event.
Event details:
Mari Vanna, 3rd floor
1141 Connecticut Ave., NW
Starting right after the Town Hall event
Princeton-only extended happy hour until 9 PM
Questions? Email Jennifer Mickel ’07 ( and Jean Yin ’07 (
Ajoux 1

Jess Ajoux / Ready…Go! Agility

When Jess Ajoux ’07 started participating in dog agility when she was 15 years old, she didn’t know how far it would take her. After coming to Princeton from sunny Southern California, she continued to judge but assumed she had left competition behind her (except in the pool on the water polo team). Spending the summer after sophomore year at a training center in Wantage, N.J., changed her mind.

Agility is a sport where a dog and a human handler compete together as the handler directs the dog through an obstacle course. However, unlike other dog sports like obedience, the approach is not to train the dog to understand and execute a list of human commands. “In agility, the humans have to learn to speak dog,” Jess explains.

After graduation, Jess set up her own studio, Ready… Go! Agility, to teach agility to people and their canine teammates, operating out of that same Wantage training center. Her regular students include both dedicated competitors and “weekend warriors”. She also leads larger seminar courses and agility camps. Jess finds herself applying her Psychology major constantly, for both species of student. “The trick is to get the dogs to do it and think it’s their idea,” she says.

These days Jess has five dogs (three Border Collies, a Cocker Spaniel, and a Shar Pei) and trains them all in agility. (You may remember one of those Border Collies, Psyche, from our class picture right before the P-Rade in ’07. Psyche lived with Jess in Wright Hall during second semester of our senior year, escaping P-Safety detection with help from Jess’s roommates Jazmin Brown and Kelly Halford. Don’t worry, ladies; your secret’s safe with us!) She and several of her students just got back from the U.S. Dog Agility Association national competition in Murfreesboro, Tenn., where each of her three Border Collies made the finals in different events, and two made it to the podium. Jess cites her dogs’ strong performance in different events as a mark of her diversity as a trainer. (She’s also very pleased with how her students did at Nationals.)

Jess’s future plans include adopting another Border Collie and qualifying for the U.S. national team to compete in the world championship. She is excited to continue in this sport where your teammates are not just fellow athletes but beloved family members. “I’m very lucky to be making a livelihood doing something I love,” she says.


Lev Berlin / SlantShack

Lev Berlin (ORFE) has spent a large part of his post-college years helping to launch SlantShack — a grass-fed beef jerky company based in Jersey City. Lev got involved with SlantSlack through his high school friends, who would always bring jerky to parties in NYC. Lev, a self-described “huge jerky lover,” wanted to help out and learn how to make jerky.  Before he knew it, Lev was making jerky, analyzing the company’s costs, and negotiating contracts with their co-packing facility. Lev then led the company’s search engine optimization, blogging, and online advertising efforts.

Through his involvement with SlantSlack, Lev researched the nutrition analysis process, which led him to learn web development and create - a website you should check out! And although Lev is no longer involved with SlantSlack’s day-to-day operations, he’s happy to report that SlantShack just hired its first two full-time employees and that the jerky can be purchased in stores throughout the country.

As for classmates hoping to start their own business, Lev advises, “Create something you love, or something that solves a real problem. Ship a product early, talk to customers, and repeat. Learn to code if that’s what’s holding you back. And work with someone you really want to work with, both now and 5 years from now.”

Finally, when asked if he’d be supplying SlantShack for our 7th Reunion, Lev couldn’t say no  -  ”I think we can arrange something.”  Three Cheers to eating some jerky in Jersey soon. And if you can’t wait until May, order your jerky today -


Lorne Hofstetter / guesterly

An update from our classmate Lorne Hofstetter (Wilson, Astrophysics). After graduation, Lorne spent five+ years at General Electric’s Global Research Center, developing new techniques for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). But he kept scratching an entrepreneurial itch, building Beartooth Longboards <> on the nights and weekends. But it was another idea that ended up being the push he needed to jump into entrepreneurship full time—the “wedding facebook” he and his wife, Rachel, created for their 2012 wedding. Inspired by the Princeton Freshman Herald, Lorne and Rachel created their own version of the Herald to feature all of their friends and family at their wedding.

Last spring, he left GE to launch the concept publicly, now called guesterly. It’s been one wild ride—guesterly <> has been featured everywhere from Glamour and InStyle to The Knot, and they’ve sold versions not just to brides and grooms but to corporate clients ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Says Lorne, “Thanks to all the Princetonians that have provided so much feedback and encouragement. Couldn’t have done it without your support!”

Victor Wakefield

Victor Wakefield

Time for a new update from one of our classmates! VICTOR WAKEFIELD (History) is currently leading Teach For America’s efforts in the Las Vegas as their executive director in the region. Following graduation, Victor joined Teach For America and moved to Gary, Indiana where he taught at the West Gary Lighthouse Charter School.

After his time as a teacher, he joined the organization’s staff as the recruitment director at our lovely alma mater and our favorite copycat school, Duke. During his tenure, 15% of the senior class applied to Teach For America. He’s very proud to call himself and his wife Las Vegans and frequently gets together with the rest of the water polo team at weddings as they seem to be marrying themselves off by the minute! Lucky ladies!

Rory Truex

Rory Truex

Time to catch up with RORY TRUEX (Mathey / Politics).  While in freshman Chinese, Rory hadn’t yet figured out that this introductory language class would set him off on one wild journey.  While at Princeton, Rory spent his early summers at Princeton in Beijing, and came back with an idea to start a school in rural China, focusing on training teachers and using Princeton’s language learning methods to help them learn English.  Rory’s program, the Summer of Service, has since become fully integrated into Princeton-in-Asia’s offerings. More information on the initiative can be found here:

After graduating, Rory spent two years as an Associate Consultant at Bain before going back to graduate school to become a China scholar.   Now a PhD Candidate at Yale, his research focuses on the development of democratic and legislative institutions in the People’s Republic of China.  He is one of the only scholars outside of China currently studying the National People’s Congress, and has developed a database of member’s past and their bill proposals.  His research is helping to shed some light on China’s government — an institution precious few people understand — and shows how it is more responsive to citizen’s concerns than might be apparent at first glance.  This work has already received support from the National Science Foundation.

Despite all this, Rory still managed to find time for one important extracurricular passion.  His multi-continent courtship of Katherine Ensler ’08 finally led to their wedding just a few weeks ago on a dock in Ithaca, right at the spot where he proposed.

Alisha Holland

Alisha Holland

 An update on Pyne Prize winner, ALISHA HOLLAND (Rocky/Woody Woo). Alisha is currently a graduate student in the last year of her PhD Harvard’s Government department, as well as a Doctoral Fellow at the American Bar Foundation in Chicago where she lives.  After graduation Alisha worked for Human Right Watch through Princeton in Latin America and was the lead author of a controversial report on Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela that got her bosses kicked out of the country at gun point (luckily, Alisha was at math camp starting her PhD).  

At Harvard she has been studying Latin American politics and has published her senior thesis, “Right on Crime?” on the politics of gang violence in Central America in the Latin American Research Review.  Her dissertation, Forbearance as Redistribution, studies the ways in which the non-enforcement of laws (against squatting and street vending) acts as a politically important form of welfare policy in Bogotá, Colombia, Lima, Perú and Santiago de Chile.  She has spent every summer, and much of the year, living in those cities since graduating Princeton, though she has also lived in Cambridge, MA, Chicago and Toulouse, France.

Alisha is busy now looking for jobs for after graduation jointly with her husband of three years now, GLEN WEYL, our class valedictorian who is now a professor of economics at the University of Chicago.


Jennifer Mickel and Mike Ott

5th Reunion Awards: Hargadon’s Heroes

Awarded at the Alumni Council’s Annual Reunion Lunch on May 31, 2013.

1921 Plaque: For the largest number present at a major reunion (811).

1901 Cup: For the largest percentage of attendance at a major reunion (69%).

Class of 1947 James Scott Clancy Memorial Reunion Trophy: For the best planned and run major reunion.

1941 Plaque: For the highest percentage of dues payers in a class more than one but fewer than 25 years out of Princeton.


6th Reunions Online Registration is Closed!

Online Registration is closed; however, all Class of 2007 members and guests may still register at the door upon arrival for $80 per person.

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